My father was a college professor. His specialty was Boolean algebra and physics and scientific subjects. His colleagues were always around the house, spouting ideas about new technologies and advances in science. When you grow up around that, you become infected with curiosity. And I did. I was forever picking his brain about how things might work in a future society. When I wrote my first draft of what was to become THE MORCAI BATTALION series, while I was still in high school, my dad was the source of my scientific theory about the world my characters inhabited. I still have his notes, and I still use them, even though the battalion has gone through many revisions since its original publication in 1980 by Manor Books.

I have been very fortunate to also have my sister, Dannis Cole, as a source of scientific information, since she writes science fiction also and is forever researching topics of interest to us both. Since I also write romance novels as Diana Palmer, my research time is mostly devoted to forensics, law enforcement, and related subjects since I deal in romantic suspense. She is a tireless researcher and besides being my sister, is also my best friend. We have long discussions on Skype about science while we play World of Warcraft(with which we are both obsessed, since we are disabled and don’t get out much. The game has become our social life).

I have exciting news! The Morcai Battalion series has just been re-released(June 2013) in mass market paperback. It has a new cover, updated content, and I hope it finds a home on the science fiction shelves. The other two original sequels, THE MORCAI BATTALION: The Recruit and THE MORCAI BATTALION: Invictus, are also being released for the first time in mass market paperback. THE MORCAI BATTALION: The Recruit will be out in January 2014. Invictus will follow in the summer. And, most exciting(to me at least), Luna Books has signed me up for three more sequels to the series! The fourth Morcai Battalion Book debuts in 2015.

In addition to the paperback mass market books, audio books are also being done for the first three novels in the series through Audible(thanks, Audible!). They will also be available in e-book form, as always.

I haven't set up e-mail on this website, but you can contact me through my main website, It's easier to keep up with mail if I have it all in one place. I do maintain a Facebook page, but it is invitation only and just for family and close friends. I can’t cope with hundreds of correspondents posting at once, lol. I also have a Twitter account, you can follow me at

Thanks for stopping by. I will be posting regularly(as regularly as a habitual procrastinator can, that is!) so come back and see what’s new in the series when you have time.

Oh, almost forgot, these books with all new covers(I'll have to have somebody smarter than me put them on the pages, lol) are available at,,, and independent bookstores everywhere.

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