Dear Reader:

I am so excited about having all three books in The Morcai Battalion series available in paperback as well as eBook form! The third book in the trilogy, Invictus, ties up all the loose ends from the first two books in the series. There will be many surprises, and a lot of action. Also, there will be new material in Invictus. I plan to have tee shirts, books, and bookmarks as prizes to give away on my website closer to December, when Invictus is released. So don't forget to check my website at Writerspace for updates. If I can get my act together, I want to also do custom tee shirts. More about that, later.

I am under contract for three more books in the Morcai Battalion series at HQN. The fourth, Ship's Surgeon, about Rhemun and Mallory, is completed. I will update this site with a publication date as soon as I have one.

The Morcai Battalion has been part of my life since I was 16. So many people have contributed to it, to the lore and the myth and the mechanics. Special thanks to biology professor Dr. Rob Wainberg, whose input on the mysterious Cehn-Tahr has been invaluable[although any glaring mistakes in the fictional biology of my aliens are mine, not his] and to my family and friends.

I hope you continue to enjoy the books. You can write to me at or follow me on Twitter, where I am cehntahr or dianaritr. I also have a public Facebook Page, Diana Palmer Readers. If you are a gamer on Xbox One, I am cehntahr. I play mostly Destiny, but will also be around for Elder Scrolls Online when it is released.  If you play pc games, I am usually to be found, when not working, on World of Warcraft, Zangarmarsh server, where I have 11 toons. Gaming is my life, when I'm not writing, lol.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back again to see what's new!

Your fan, Diana Palmer
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